Monday, April 11, 2011

West Palm Beach (PRESS RELEASE – April 9, 2011) — BizConnect Enterprises LLC

West Palm Beach (PRESS RELEASE – April 9, 2011) — BizConnect Enterprises LLC, has announced that it will offer ongoing complimentary memberships to businesses in order to spark entrepreneurship during these troubled economic times. With the current unemployment rate topping 9.6%, many more Americans are seeking out self employment as a viable alternative for weathering the worst economic downturns since World War II and it is the intent of BizConnect Enterprises, LLC to under gird and stand beside these faithful entrepreneurs who choose not to participate in any recessions and move America forward.

In a statement issued by the BizConnect Enterprises LLC, founders, Bill Donahue and Douglas Mollo, “The main objectives and goals of this complimentary offer is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners beat the odds of failure through education and empowerment.”

BizConnect focuses on increasing sales while decreasing expenditures ensuring the longevity and success of any business endeavor.

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This complimentary membership offer is available beginning today to business nationally.

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